You’re lying on your couch, flipping through channels nonchalantly. Sigh, nothing to do. Just as you’re about to settle in for a nap, when theres a knock on your door. You hop up from the couch to answer it. When you open the door and see your boyfriend Harry standing there, wind blowing through his curls, he smiles.

"And there she is! The love of my life," He says.

"Hi Harry," You say. You smile and wrap your arms around his neck, and give him a peck on the lips. You try to move to the side to let him in. But he puts his hands on you hips and pulls you back in front of him, you look at him confused.

"Thats all you give me? Thats not going to cut it." He says grinning and slamming his lips against yours. After a few seconds he pulls away.

"Enough?" You ask playfully. 

"For now." He says and winks at you, you giggle and let him in. You two head over to the couch, hand in hand. You plop down on the cushions. Him, sitting up, and you sitting back, your legs across his lap. You sit and watch T.V. for a few minutes before Harry breaks the silence. 

"Is this all you’ve been doing all morning?" He asks. 

"Well yeah, pretty much," You reply.

"Why?" He sits there silent for a second, quiet. You can tell he’s thinking by the way his eyebrows knit together in concentration. You giggle, just looking at him. Finally, he perks up.

"Hey! Theres a little cocktail party going on today, wanna go?" He asks. He looks hopeful, you can’t say no.

"Well, okay, I’d love to, I just dont think I have anything to wear," You put your finger on your chin and look up at the ceiling, running through your wardrobe in your mind. 

"Oh whatever," He says standing up. He offers you his hand.

"We can go shopping," You laugh instantly.

"What?" He says smiling at your laugh. 

"You… you just sounded like Louis when you said that." You say, still laughing hard.  Harry laughs too. 

"Well, I guess he is rubbing off on me," He says, shrugging. He offers his hand out again and you take it. You get up and pull him out the door, still laughing.


"Ariana? Is everything alright in there?" Harry says from outside the dressing room. You’re at this super fancy dress store, well, trying on dresses. 

"Hold ooon Haz…" You say back to him. He starts jiggling the doorknob, teasing you.

"Do I need to come in there and help you?" He says chuckling. 

"Harold!" You gasp.

"Jeez, okay. I’ve got it on." You open the door and step out into the waiting room. Harry’s standing there, open mouthed, his eyes sparkling. You do a little spin and look down at the dress admiring it, it looks great on you. You look at Harry.

"Well?" you question. He’s still just standing there, gaping, looking you up and down. You giggle.

"Harry, stop staring, you weirdo." He’s still just standing there, you roll your eyes.

"Fine, if your not going to say anything, I’m going to try on a different one." You turn around but Harry grabs your hand, he turns you to face him. You catch your breath a little, he’s closer than you thought he was going to be. He looks you in the eyes.

"Beautiful," He says, his lips glazing yours. 

"So you like the dress?" You ask hopefully. 

"I do like the dress, but thats not what I was talking about." He leans in and you cant help but smile as he presses his lips against yours.

(Edited by Amanda ((and Kelsey since they suck at editing)), written by Rajhauna, hope you like (:)

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