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  You’re in the airpot, trying to find the right Termianl. Niall got back from tour and your running around like a maniac trying to find him. 

"Kim! Kim!" You hear behind you. You swing around and see Niall waving at you, he smiles and opens his arms wide. You gasp and run up into his arms. 

" Aah, there’s my princess, I missed you." He says holding you close and nuzzling his face in your hair, you take in his fresh scent and warm body. You pull your head back and kiss him, you can feel him smiling against your lips. 

"Mm, I missed you more my fresh prince." You say smiling cheekily. He chuckles and take your hand in his and his suitcase in the other and you two start walking toward the exit, following paul, and the other boys. 

"So, how was it? Did you have fun?" You ask him.

"Oh, it was so much fun, it was a blast!" He says, you look down at your feet. You’re glad that he had fun, you just wish you could have gone. Niall bumps you elbow, you look up.

"But, it wasnt the same without you, there’s only so much fun I can have without my princess by my side." He says looking into your eyes. You look down at the ground again, but only so he wont see you blush deep red, he chuckles again. 

"What?" You say, he’s silent. "Hey! What?" You say lightly punching his arm. He still didnt answer, only smiled. You keep punching his arm. Finally He stops suddenly he stops and grabs you and dips you. 

"Hey!" He shouts. Your eyes get big, not knowing what he’s going to do. He lifts you back up and pulls you by your waist until there’s no space between you. "I just love you is all." You relax and smile, he smiles back and presses his lips against yours. 

(Written by Rajhauna, edited by Amanda)

Hey, want one? I feel bad for slacking so im taking requests (:

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-Rajhauna <333

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BOOM! You hear thunder cracking right over your head. You jump and cling to Nialls arm. He looks at you adoringly and chuckles.

"Mariandrea, its just thunder" He says winking at you. 

"Yeah but it could -" you stop as it starts pouring down rain. Quickly, you let go of Nialls arm and run under a tree. You expect Niall to be right behind you but when you look back hes still out in the rain, doing a little Irish jig, you laugh. That’s your boyfriend, out there dancing in the rain. 

"C’mon babe! what are you doing?" He shouts at you.

" What am I doing? What are YOU doing?" You shout back. 

"Living in the moment!" He declares throwing his arms up in the air. Then, he walks over to you and offers you his hand "Dance with me, Mariandrea." he says. Your first thought is to say no, but when you look into his dazzling blue eyes, you just cant. You take his hand and he pulls you out into the rain and swings you around, twirls you. You sway slowly to the pitter patter of the rain, your hands around his neck, His hands on your waist, He pulls you close. You blush and look at the ground. 

"Mariandrea" He says lifting your chin up and looking you in the eye, " I love you" He says and kisses you softly.

hope you like! sorry if its kinda cheesy!

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