You have been dating Harry for a while now, and it was time for him to meet your parents. He and I were going over there for dinner. You were kind of nervous, when you pull up to your house with Harry.

"Are you sure your ready for this?" You ask him slightly sarcastically just thinking about your embarassing parents.

"I am without a doubt ready for this, Katie." He said with a smile, while taking your hand in his. Before you both could even get out of the car, your parents were already running towards the both of you. They both give you a big hug, then Harry walks over to you and them.

"Mom, dad, this is Harry." You say as Harry shakes your dads hand.

"Oh its so nice to finally meet you!" Your mom yells grabbing Harry in for a big hug.

"Mom.." You say slightly embarassed about her over dramatic enthusiasm.

"Come inside!" Your mom says totally ignoring your comment. You all walk through the doors of your old house. You havent been there in a while so it was nice to see it again.

"You have a beautiful house, Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N)," Harry says while sitting down next to you on the couch in your living-room.

"Oh Harry! You’re such a gentleman! Katie you got yourself a good one right here." Your mom states totally ignoring the fact that she is completly embarassing you.

"Mom! Isn’t dinner ready?" You say trying to get your mom to stop talking. She smiles and leaves the room.

"So, Harry tell me, what are your plans for your future?" Your dad asks. ‘Oh, no’ You say in your head, ‘He’s gonna make Harry lay out his life plan for the next 50 years,’ you think of a quick way to save Harry from this conversation. You look up and take his hand.

"Harry! Lets go to the park while dinner is still cooking!" You exclaim while pulling Harry up off of the couch. Not your best save but it will do.

"Okay you two, but be back soon! Dinner is almost ready." Your mom yells from the kitchen.

"Go wait outside babe, I’ll be right there." Harry says almost nudging you towards the door.

"Um, okay" You say a little confused. You walk out to your front porch and wait. ‘Why did he want me to wait out here for him? What is he saying to my dad? More importantly what is my dad saying to him?’ You think to yourself. You couldnt help yourself you looked through the window and just see Harry talking to your dad. Your dad smiles and so does Harry, they shake hands. Harry walks towards the door, you jump back and act like you were completly oblivious.

"Okay babe, lets go." Harry says smiling pretty big and taking your hand in his. You guys walk towards your neighborhood park. You keep quiet the whole time you guys were walking. You keep wondering what him and your dad were talking about.

"Why are you so quiet babe? Is something wrong?" He asks you, you couldnt hold it in any longer.

"What were you and my dad talking about?" You finally blurt out. Harry just looks at you. His face lit up by the setting sun, he smiles and takes a deep breath.

"Katie…" He begins. You just look at him, he keeps avoiding your eyes. He squeezes your hand and gets down on one knee.

"Katie I love you so much and…" He pauses.

"Katie, will you marry me?" He says and pulls out a little box and shows the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. You gasp and he just looks up at you.

"Oh my god, Harry… "You say as a smile starts to form.

"Yes yes yes yes! Of course I will marry you!" You say happily. Harry smiles real big and slides the ring on your finger; its a perfect fit. He stands up and hugs you tightly and picks you up and spins you around while kissing you on the lips.

"Now, let’s go back and get some dinner." He says while holding your hand tightly.

(written by amanda, edited by kelsey.)
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Its late in the evening, You and Louis are laying in your backyard, on the trampoline. Its a bit chilly so you two are wrapped up in a blanket, his arm around you, and your head on his chest. You admire all the twinkling stars in the night sky, there are so many. Louis sits up a bit. 

"Love?" He says.

"Yes?" You say looking at him. His eyebrows are knitted together, and you can tell hes thinking about something. "What is it Lou?" He points up the sky. 

"You see that star there?" He asks. You look wheres he pointing, or in the general direction anyway, theres so may stars its hard to tell which one hes talking about. You go along with it anyway.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Well, I want to name it." He declares, you giggle. His ideas are so cute and random, thats one of the things you most about him.

"Did you have any names in mind?" You ask as you snuggle closer to him. He’s quiet for a second.

"Katie." He says simply. You look up at him, suprised. 

"What? is that okay with you?" He asks reconsidering.

"No! No! Er, yeah I’m okay with that. But, why that particular star?" You ask him.

"Because," He says looking into your eyes." It sticks out to me, there something special about the way it seems to shine brighter than all the other stars. It reminds me of you." Your quiet for a second. Then, a big smile spreads across your face. 

"Awwwww, Louis!" you say grabbing him in a hug. He kisses the top of your head, and wraps both of his arms around you. 

(Written by Rajhauna, edited by Amanda)

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   “Oww,” is what you kept repeating while tears were running down your face as Harry held you in his arms, and ran throught the hospital doors.

"We need a doctor, quick!" He screamed. A nurse ran up to us, and asked him what happened as another nurse was wheeling you away in a wheelchair.

"Well, she got trampled and I think her arm is broken." He says as he hits his forehead with his palm. The nurse directs him to the waiting room, but he refuses to sit down.

"No, I want to go back there and see her!" He protests, and the nurse tells him to sit down and that he cant go back to see you because the doctors have to check you out first. He just sits and puts his head down in his lap. He looks up when he hears the doors open and sees the doctor walking towards him.

"How is (y/n)? Is she alright?" Harry immediatly started to ask.

"Yes, she is fine. Just broke her arm in a few places."

"Can I go back and see her now." He almost demanded rather than asked.

"Of course," The doctor said, while leading Harry to your room. He ran through your doors and right over to you and kneeled down next to you and held your hand tightly in his. You looked up at him and smiled.

"Hey, babe," You say. He smiles back at you buth then his smile quickly turns to a look of dissapointment and he looks down at the ground.

"This is all my fault… if it wasnt for me you wouldn’t be here… if only I-" You cut him off.

"Harry none of this is your fault, you had no idea all those fans and papparazzi would be waiting outside the restaruant."

"Yeah, but-" You cut him off again.

"No buts, Styles." You say as you pull his hand closer to you motioning him to lay on your hospital bed with you. He gently smiles and carefully climbs in next to you, on the opposite side of your bandaged arm. He lightly wraps his arms around you, you rest your head on his chest as you peacefully fall asleep.

(written by amanda, edited by kelsey)

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  You’re sitting there at your desk looking over the new original song you just wrote, and decide to practice playing it. You start struming on your gutair and begin the first verse when you here your door open suddenly, and you turn around.

"Oh hi, Zayn," You say, as you try to casually hide your written out lyrics under your binder.

"What was that you were just singing?" He asked you. You feel the butterflies in your stomach that still appear everytime you hear that adorable accent.

"Oh, haha, um…nothing," You stutter as you begin to feel emabressed at the thought of him hearing you sing.

"No no, I know I heard you singing something, now let me hear it please?" He asked, as he walked over to you giving you puppy dog eyes. You can never say no to him when he does that.

"Okay, fine." You say trying not to smile at his pleading expression. You pick up your gutair and begin to play and sing the words you wrote. You keep looking at Zayn trying to read his face, wondering what he thinks.

"…and thats all I really have so far…" You say abruptly. Zayn just looks at you for a little with one of his hard to read expressions.

"Camila…" He begins.

"I know, I know… it sucks doesnt it!" You say already assuming the worst.

"No! Not at all! Camila, that was beautiful, and you have such a beautiful voice, I feel bad that it took me this long to find that out." He said, as he holds your hand in his. You try to speak but all you can manage to do is smile. Zayn then picks up your half writen song and then looks at you, "Now, I guess we should finish this wonderful song now, shouldnt we?" He says as he leans in and kisses you gently. 

(written by amanda, edited by kelsey)

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BOOM! You hear thunder cracking right over your head. You jump and cling to Nialls arm. He looks at you adoringly and chuckles.

"Mariandrea, its just thunder" He says winking at you. 

"Yeah but it could -" you stop as it starts pouring down rain. Quickly, you let go of Nialls arm and run under a tree. You expect Niall to be right behind you but when you look back hes still out in the rain, doing a little Irish jig, you laugh. That’s your boyfriend, out there dancing in the rain. 

"C’mon babe! what are you doing?" He shouts at you.

" What am I doing? What are YOU doing?" You shout back. 

"Living in the moment!" He declares throwing his arms up in the air. Then, he walks over to you and offers you his hand "Dance with me, Mariandrea." he says. Your first thought is to say no, but when you look into his dazzling blue eyes, you just cant. You take his hand and he pulls you out into the rain and swings you around, twirls you. You sway slowly to the pitter patter of the rain, your hands around his neck, His hands on your waist, He pulls you close. You blush and look at the ground. 

"Mariandrea" He says lifting your chin up and looking you in the eye, " I love you" He says and kisses you softly.

hope you like! sorry if its kinda cheesy!

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     You open your eyes and the sun is streaming in through your curtain. You grunt and roll over on your other side. 

     “Good morning gorgeous,” Louis says smiling at you. Your noses brush against each other. You smile.

     “Mmm… good morning.” You say and give him a peck on the lips.

     “Are you ready to get up love?” He asks you. You think about it for a second. 

    “… No.” You say quickly and flip back over, pulling the blanket over your head. 

     “Angeeelicaaaaa. Come oooon.” He says shaking you by your waist. 

     “Ehhhh, I don’t wannaaaaa. I’m still tired.” You mumble from under the covers. He tries to wake you up by shaking you a couple more times.

     “Angelica. Don’t make me.” He says tauntingly. He starts poking your side, tickling you. You have a mini spasm and giggle

     “Louis, STOP!” You say, laughing. 

     “I warned you! Silly girl!” He rips the covers off and starts tickling your stomach. You wiggle and squirm and laugh so hard tears are starting to some out of your eyes. 

     “Okay! Okay! Lou! I’ll get up!” You finally say. He abruptly stops tickling you.

     “Great!” He says and turns to get off the bed, but before he does, you whack his back with a pillow and burst into giggles. “Oh, so that’s how you wanna play huh?” he says smiling flirtatiously at you. You look him in the eyes, daring him to fight back, of course, that’s what you want.  He grabs a pillow and before you know it you two are slamming each other with pillows, laughing and rolling around on the bed. Just as you thought you two were going to settle down, louis grabbed the body pillow and heaved it back behind his head.

     “Prepare to -” Louis began to fall backwards of the bed. You gasped and grabbed his shirt but you weren’t string enough and you both fell on the floor. 

     “Are you alright love?” He asks. 

     “Yeah, I’m okay,” you say, considering that you fell on top of him. You look at each other for a second, then burst out with laughter. He looks over at you admiringly.

     “I love mornings with you Angelica.” He tells you and brushes his soft lips against yours.

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